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Lesson 1 What Women Really Think of Men


At thekickoff for his postelectionvictory lap in Cincinnati this month,Donald J. Trump bluntly told men, “Hate to tell you,” but women, “generallyspeaking, they’re better than you are.”


这个月Donald J. Trump选举后在辛辛那提绕场一圈庆祝胜利开场时直言不讳的对男同胞说道,“我讨厌与你们交流,”但是对女同胞却说,“通常而言,她们比你们要强的多。”


As a feminist, I disagree. It does


women, and society, no favors togrouse aboutfemale superiority as a way toletmenoff the hook. When society writes off men as irredeemable, we all lose.

图片 1



Some 53 percent of white women voters—although


thanks to minority women, not a majority of all women—rejected Hillary Clinton’s

图片 2▲“追捕恋童癖的家庭主妇”(via BBC)

plea to break theglass ceilingand voted for Mr. Trump instead. They don’t think much of men, either.


虽然感谢少数女性,但是大多数女性没有这么做--大约53%的白人女性选民拒绝Hillary Clinton突破晋升瓶颈成为总统的恳求而是投票给了Trump先生。她们同样也没有考虑这个男人。

图片 3(图via GETTY IMAGES)

“Trumpis anarcissist,” a middle—aged white woman in EastStroudsburg, Pa., told me in the early evening on Election Day. “I know,” sheadded, “because my husband is one, too.” She said she disliked both candidates,but she voted for Mr. Trump.


“Trump是一个自以为是的家伙,”一名Pa(宾夕法尼亚州)东斯特劳斯堡的白人中年女性在选举日的傍晚告诉我说。“我知道他是这样的人,”她补充道,“因为我丈夫也是。”她说对两名候选人都不喜欢,但是她还是给Mr Trump投票了。

  Abderraouf Qutteineh thought he was about to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex。 The 74-year-old had befriended her online and sent hundreds of increasingly **explicit **messages over the space of two weeks。

As the country prepares to revert to

  As he waited at a railway station for his** prey to arrive, he was confronted by his correspondent - a mother waging a crusade against groomers**。

white male rule, our common condition for all buteight of the last 240 years, we should think harder about why weassumeso little of men, including ones we maybe married to. Too many men don’t prove those expectations wrong, and arerewarded anyway with prizes like the presidency.

  explicit: 直白的,清楚的。在这里可以理解为“露骨的”。


  prey: 猎物

The persistence of sexism wasn’t usually

  crusade against。。。: 讨伐……

something the Trump supporters I’ve met liked toacknowledge. But last summer, a fervent Trump fan I

  groomer: 原意为宠物美容师。“groom”一词在词典中也多为“新郎/修饰/喂马”等含义。但在当下的媒体报道中 ,“child grooming”特指“儿童性诱拐”。这点可以注意。

interviewed in Eastlake, Ohio—Patti Hall, 74, a retired hairdresser who wore a


pink bow in her hair—bluntly declared that men didn’t want women in charge. “I’ll grant you that,” she said, grinning. “They don’t wanta woman in as president!” She laughed at my raised eyebrows. “Now, you knowthat’s true!”


我见过川普的支持者愿意承认对于性别歧视的坚持是一件再正常不过的事情,但是,去年夏天,我在俄亥俄州东湖采访了一名热情的川普粉Patti Hallm74岁,她是一名退休的理发师,头上戴着一个粉红色的发卡—直言不讳的宣称男人是不希望女人有掌控权的。“我允许你这么做,”他说道,露出笑容“他们不想让一个女人成为总统”她大笑着看着我挑起的眉毛“现在,你应该知道这是真的了吧”

图片 4

We both looked at the world and saw men


profoundly threatened by rising female power, but to Ms. Hall, this was a fixed

图片 5▲“影子猎人”的外套(图via受访者)

truth, and all women could do wasroll our eyes aboutit.

  (以下部分中文翻译via BBC中文网)


  Ms Hunter, from Kent, has spent nearly a year living a double life。 By day she‘s busy with **domestic chores** and looking after her children。 By night she becomes 14-year-old Chloe。

Not long after Mr. Trump was caughtbragging abouthow fame afforded him unlimited genitalgrabbing opportunities, the photographer Chris Arnade recalled, a woman in hishometown, Dade City, Fla., shrugged it off: ” Oh, men, you’ve got to learn howto fight them off. They’re crazy. That’s men!”


在Mr Trump吹牛说如何利用名望无节操的抓住一切机会进行猎艳的事情被发现不久后,摄像师Chris Arnade回忆到,一个在他家乡戴德市的女士….,毫不在乎说:“噢,这就是男人,你已经学会怎么与他们周旋,他们是疯子,这就是男人!”

  Ms Hunter, along with her husband, is part of Shadow Hunters, a group of adults who** pose as girls on social media and then travel the country confronting** those men who arrange to meet up。

So what if Mr. Trump is known to have


crasslyassessedwomen based solely on whether he, Mr.

  chores:杂事。“domestic chores”就是“家务事”

Trump, found them attractive, or that he hasshamedwomenforbreast-feeding or gaining weight? That’s men. That’syour husband, your father, your brother, your son.

  pose as。。。: 冒充/假装成……的样子

因此假设Mr Trump被人们所认知是基于他是唯一一个粗鲁的评价女性,而且Mr Trump,发现这些很有吸引力,他羞辱女性哺乳及体重增长,这样还能如此考虑?然后你就说这就是男性,这就是你的丈夫,你的父亲,你的兄弟,你的儿子。

  confront: 对抗

“I cherish women,” Mr. Trump has said.

图片 6(图via受访者)

But this is not the same as recognizing women’s equal humanity. As Ruth Bader


Ginsburg, quoting a California judicial opinion, told the Supreme Court in

  “Until you become a **decoy, you have no idea how many online predators **there actually are out there。

1971, “the pedestal upon


which women have been placed has all too often, upon closer inspection, been revealed

  Since starting her crusade in August, she has chatted to more than 50 men who said they wanted to meet up for sex。

as a cage.”When we declarethat men will always be brutes and women can only shrug from on high, we engagein what President George W. Bush once called the soft bigotry of lowexpectations.


“我珍爱女性,”Mr. Trump说过。但是这不能等同于对女性平等人权的认识。就如Ruth Bader Ginsburg引用的一个来自1971年最高法院的公正观点,“表面上看起来,社会把女性放到了基座上,但是仔细一看,实际上是把女性放在了精致的笼子里”当我们宣称男人时常会变得残暴而女性仅仅能在高处耸耸肩的时候,我们正从事于总统George W. Bush曾经宣称的期望值过低的隐形成见。(这一段基本上完全看不懂)

  decoy: 诱饵

Feminists’critiqueof male power has long beencaricaturedas hatred of men. But it is feministswhose fight is motivated by the belief that men can be better, if we can makeclear that they, too, benefit from a safe, more equal and more just world. Wehave little choice but to try—men still control so much, and besides, many ofus love them.

  predator: 捕食者



Our intimate lives, where we are themost vulnerable and the least rational, are the hardest to reconcile withpolitics. And the very idea that men and women can and should be equal partnersis only a generation or two old. Most of us, even now, are just making it up aswe go along.

图片 7



In 1996, Gloria Steinem offered a theory

  “It wasn‘t anger when I confronted him。。。 you just feel so guilty for the family, as [he told me] his wife had just come out of hospital from an appointment。

about why so many people hated Hillary Clinton: “She and the president are presenting, at a


very high, visible level, a new paradigm of a male—female relationship. And thatis very much resented.” Mrs. Clinton was pilloried for her ostensiblytraditional choice to stay with her unfaithful husband. It would come back tohaunt her. This year, renewed attention to accusations against Bill Clinton didnothing to dispel the notion that all men are pigs, effectively defusing themany accusations against Mr. Trump. They’re crazy. That’s men.

  “Their family, half the time, are** oblivious**。 The next thing they know they‘ve got the police turn up at their door to take all their devices, so you feel guilty for the family because they’re victims in this as well。“

在1996年,Gloria Steinem提出一个理论关于为什么如此多的人们厌恶Hillary Clinton:“她和总统共同处于一个非常高且明显的层级,一个新的男性和女性关系的范例。并且这是非常令人愤恨的。”Mrs Clinton被人嘲笑在于她显而易见传统的选择和他不忠诚的丈夫在一起。这件萦绕于她身上的事随时会被提及。今年,加倍投入注意力去指控反对Bill Clinton对驱散所有男人都是猪这个概念毫无帮助,反而有效的平息了许多指控反对Mr Trump的事件。他们都疯了,这就是男人。


Or as Melania Trump put it in aninterview after the “Access Hollywood” video surfaced:”Sometimes I say I havetwo boys at home—I have my young son and I have my husband. But I know how somemen talk, and that’s how I saw it.”

  oblivious: 遗忘的,不知道的

或者就像Melania Trump(川普的老婆)在“遇见好莱坞”节目后面对采访时将一些事情公布于众:“有时候我想说我有两个男孩在家中—我有一个年轻的儿子而且我还有一个丈夫。但是我知道一些男人是怎么想的,并且这就是我怎么看待它的。”


The Trump marriage offers some pretty


basic math on what women can expect from men. In 2005, months into his third

图片 8

marriage, Mr. Trump acknowledged that in somequarters, marriage had changed.“There’s a lot of women out there that


demand that the husband act like the wife, and you know, there’s a lot of


husbands that listen to that, ”he said in a radio interview. Mr. Trump, he made clear,was not one of those husbands. “I mean, I won’t do anything to take care ofthem,” he said of his future offspring. “I’ll supply funds and she’ll take careof the kids. It’s not like I’m gonna be walking the kids down Central Park.”


Trump的婚姻生活在女人能够期望从男人身上得到些什么提供了一些漂亮的基本数据。在2005年,在他第三段婚姻的岁月中,Mr Trump承认在一些住所,婚姻会发生改变。“许多女性在外需要丈夫来扮演妻子的角色,并且你知道的,有很多丈夫还听从了这些。”他在一个广播采访中说道。Mr Trump,他有一个清晰的认识,他并不是这其中之一。“我的意思是,我不会为了照顾他们去做任何事情,”他指的是他未来的后代。“我会去挣钱然后她去照顾孩子。我不像是一个带孩子在中心公园散步的人。”

  “We do not add anyone; they come through to us and ask for friend requests,” she says。

The Trump’s arrangement has the benefit


of bald simplicity, and Mr. Trump is not alone in extolling it. People without

  “We accept them, but we do not message them first。 The first thing a decoy will say to them is their age and check that it‘s OK。

a college degree, from whom the president-elect saw strong support, were in a


2013 Pew survey nearly twice as likely as the college—educated to say it was

  “We don‘t lead them on, we just have a normal chat and the men incite the sexual chat, and they incite the meet。 It’s their choice and we don‘t encourage anything。”

better for a marriage if a husband made more money than the wife. Unfortunately


for those ideals,this is the demographic for whom the gender pay gap has narrowed most.



图片 9▲“影子猎人”需要不断提及自己的虚假年龄

If white women of all education levelswere more susceptible to Mr. Trump’s nostalgic, macho transactionalism, perhapsit was because they are adjacent to the men who have traditionally enjoyed themost resources and power in society, and who either believe they have lost itor fear losing it.


如果所有受过教育的白人女性群体更多的受到Mr Trump的旧有思想的影响,这种大男子主义的影响,那么也许这就是为什么她们另一半的男士会在传统上享有大多数的资源以及社会所赋予的权利,同时他们也相信他们已经失去这些权利或者害怕失去这些权利。


By contrast, black women, who overwhelminglyvoted for Mrs. Clinton, were 14 percentage points more likely than white womento see themselves as leaders—and 23 points more likely to be the primary wageearners at home, according to a New York Time/CBC News poll in September. Thesewomen’s lives, whether by necessity or choice, already belie the fiction that aman’s job is to provide and not much else.

图片 10

与之相比,根据纽约时间/CBC新闻在九月份的民意检测,黑人女性以压倒性的票选支持Mrs Clinton,这比白人女性高14个百分点,更显得其比白人女性更愿意视自己为领导者——并且比白人女性高23个百分点,显得白人女性更可能是愿意成为呆在家中的家庭主妇。这些女性的生活,无论是基于需求还是基于选择,都已经掩饰在靠男人供给的虚构生活之中,除此之外别无出路。


Mr. Trump also won married women, forwhom it may cost more to challenge the men in their lives. I spoke to a50-year-old newspaper carrier in Texas, a Clinton voter, who explained to mewhy she believed her mother and other white women went for Mr. Trump. “Here comesHillary, and she’s a strong woman and it makes a lot of men mad, and it makes alot of women uncomfortable, and they want to keep peace in their homes.”


Mr Trump也赢得了那些已婚女士的选票,就是那些牺牲更多去迎合男性在她们生活中的女士。我与德克萨斯州的一位50岁报纸媒体人说过,一位克林顿的支持者给我解释说为什么她相信她的母亲和其他白人女性会投票给Mr Trump.“面对希拉里这个强势的女人会让很多男人感到挫败和愤怒,而男人的这种表现会让大多数女人感到不舒服,而她们更多的是想要她们的生活能够安稳平静。”

  “I‘m just glad it’s me they‘re talking to, then at least it’s one real child they‘re leaving alone。”

But the highest-placed public testamentto the notion that even powerful men are capable of seeing women as partnersand taking joy in parenting—not to mention getting this far without beingaccused of groping a woman, or several, against her will—is still in the WhiteHouse. Black Obama, who identifies as a feminist, even recently reflected onhis own shortcomings as a husband at home:”I can look back now and see that,while I helped out, it was usually on my schedule and on my terms. The burdendisproportionately and unfairly fell on Michelle.” Men taking responsibility,even retrospectively, is what it’s going to take for us to believe anotherworld is possible, one in which we don’t romanticize female superiority to letmen off the hook.



图片 11

As a woman marrying a man next year, Ihave to believe that such a world could exist. I don’t think either of us isbetter or worse than the other because of our genders; we’re just two peoplewho hope we can be better, together. I know I’m lucky. If I thought all menwere like Mr. Trump, or would be if they had the chance, who knows what I woulddo.


作为一个明年即将嫁人的女性,我不得不相信那个世界的存在。我不认为我们会因为彼此的性别而会优于对方;我们作为两性是希望我们会在一起变得更好。我知道我很幸运。如果我认为所有的男性都会像Mr Trump,或者有机会他们就会成为Trump,天知道我会如何生存下去。

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关键字 : 小姐姐恋童癖猎人少女化身


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